My Creation |H.S.|

My Creation |H.S.|

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Belle By psychedelicgirl Updated Dec 06, 2016

My dearest Embry,

People usually go through life trying to find their purpose. 

For you, my Embry, you're in luck. Your purpose is already discovered. Your purpose, is to provide happiness, for me. 

My purpose, is to cherish you, my beautiful creature. 

Together, we can give and we can get. 
Together, we can make one another happy. 
Together, we have purpose. 

I love you, Embry.
And you too, will learn to love me.


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Harry Styles was the first and only man to unlock the key to immortality. But he didn't want to share it, with anyone. Years had passed, and Harry began to grow weary of going through relationships and having to end them all too quickly when they grew suspicious of his ageless beauty. Finally, Harry decides that he would not be alone. Melding numerous types of beauty into one antidote, Harry goes on the lookout for a pregnant woman, and tricks her into digesting the antidote. 

He had made the perfect girl, and soon she would be his, for eternity.

frostedfloof frostedfloof Nov 11, 2016
If the guy thought she cheated (that's what   I'm assuming, not stating any facts) why not get a test?