The Flaming Wolf

The Flaming Wolf

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truetoyourwords By truetoyourwords Updated Dec 31, 2016

Alec was happy. He had an amazing dad, an awesome best friend, and was the team captain for his high school soccer team. However, two weeks into his senior year, Alec's dad accepted an offer for a job, forcing them to move half way across the country and abandon everything that Alec knew. 

Haydn Knight is the next to be Alpha of the Knight Pack. He's respected by everyone around him and has amazing friends. He has everything except one thing, his mate. Two weeks into his senior year, Alec Brooks transfers into his school bringing with him a lot of conflict to the sleepy town of Chestnut Montana. 

Little do they know, Alec is actually only part human and from a powerful ancient lineage. One that is being hunted by someone who will go to any end to obtain it's power. Someone that is right at Alec's front door.

  • action
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  • fantasy
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  • kidnapping
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hunterxhunter234 hunterxhunter234 Mar 18, 2017
It works doesn't it? I wake up every morning with freezing ice cold water dipped on my head. Even during breaks and summer.......My family is so cruel 😭
Tazzle001 Tazzle001 Jun 25, 2017
I love your descriptive and fluid storytelling. Great start. Can't wait to see where this goes.
lilbosschic2004 lilbosschic2004 Jun 13, 2017
I got detention cuz I was reading this in the middle of class and started talking out loud, to myself about what I, think was going to happen. ~by the way thank you for providing an interesting book for me to read. Keep up the good work. ❤️😎
PrinceDel PrinceDel May 22, 2016
wow, I have a feeling I'm really going to like this book- the beginning was really good and kept me at the edge of my seat- I can't wait to see who Alec becomes 😊
I_Am_The_Ship_Lord I_Am_The_Ship_Lord Feb 09, 2017
When your listening to Demons by Imagine Dragons. 😊😊😊😊
oIympians oIympians Jan 18, 2016
wow this was super interesting for a first chapter. I'm very interested in seeing what happens next! Alec is such a cute name <3 good job; I really liked this x