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Do You Like Me? - Jikook Fanfiction (Completed)

Do You Like Me? - Jikook Fanfiction (Completed)

6.2K Reads 298 Votes 4 Part Story
BangtanJiminV By BangtanJiminV Completed

Jungkook likes Park Jimin...a lot. Ever since their trainee days he felt a sort of attraction toward Jimin. Like he constantly wanted to be next to him or he always wondered what Jimin was doing when he was not with Jungkook. The only thing was that Jungkook was too scared to admit his feelings, afraid that Jimin did not feel the same or that it might ruin their friendship. When Teahyung knows Jungkook's secret he decides to help the younger. Together, they cook up a plan, but will it change anything? Or will it still be a one-sided love?

*This is a Jikook fanfiction as you can probably tell. Please leave comments, I would love reading them and hope you enjoy the story:) The description is terrible, I know hahah.*

ZheCoolMe ZheCoolMe Dec 25, 2016
Ah yes, Jealousy. The classic way to make a person confess his/her love to someone... :))
KimberlyMai0 KimberlyMai0 Aug 03, 2016
*sarcastic laugh* yea right, keep telling yourself that honey
huuder huuder Feb 19
Nuu i don't want any vkook in here.. and i think tae is lying that he does not like jungkook..
Fenella98 Fenella98 Feb 18, 2016
Ooh 😙 I can see this turning out to be like "the Bridget Jones diary", u know where she tries to make him like her and it all kinda goes to hell😄
jk-m195 jk-m195 Nov 05, 2016
I have an idea jungkook just let them wash the dishes for you and go love your life