The Bully Wants Me- Dan X Reader  (Dan Howell AU)

The Bully Wants Me- Dan X Reader (Dan Howell AU)

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(A completed novel)

Warning: mentioning of drug use, swearing, violence +

In a world where all high school attendants made it through the years peacefully, comes two people that were bound to break the rule. Meet Y/N, a teenager that copes with Dan Howell's crude ways throughout the year. 

With countless name callings and threats, hides true hidden feelings Daniel bottles up away from everyone. And behind a smile hides a distressed person that Y/N hides from everyone. 

Y/N hates his guts while Dan becomes a lovesick, warped boy that is completely new to the feeling of love. Could Dan redefine and prove to Y/N that he could change and make her look beyond his mistakes?

dan I love you,very,very much.
                              BUT CAN YOU FÛCKING NOT RIGHT NOW.
                              I'M TRYING TO SOCIAL FOR ONCE HERE.
                              GOD DAMNIT HOWELL.
1.)Ex?hA.Never had one of those.
                              2.)Ken?Why the hell would I go out with a dude that has the same name as a Barbie doll?
                              3.)He sounds like a bit of a douchebag,and I'm probably just jumping to conclusions.
KennaGraff KennaGraff Jan 16
what are friends?
                              I only have frens.
                              also what's a club?
                              I only know my bed, fork, electrical outlet, toaster, and a laptop.
Hannah just pops straight into my head.
                              Remember when she stopped saying "AISHA STOP READING MY STUFF" for a while and her fans (aka me) made her bring it back?
                              Good times.Good Times.
Reading this and Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time comes on..... for realz Beebo
i'm wiccan but if someone treated me this bad i would go against my religion and use black magick on them wh00ps AHAH