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Love makes people do crazy things...
Even murder?
Kathryn Elliot never imagined her relationship with Augustine would literally end with blood on her hands. Now a senior at Brier Academy, she longs to forget that horrific day when he brutally declared his love for her. But he won't let her forget.
When pieces of their summer together begin to surface in newspaper clippings and photographs left for her to find, Kathryn realizes how far Augustine will go to prove his point--that she really isn't so innocent. Her choice is simple, be with him or he'll tell all for the accolades alone. They'd be infamous. After all, nothing brings two people together like homicide. It's his word against hers, and with her future hanging in the balance, Kathryn does the one thing she does best--lie.
Author's note: 
This story contains themes and topics that might not be suitable for younger readers. They aren't meant to upset, but read at your own discretion.

Cover by @redblacklady

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So I'd never expect to read a real big hit book that's has a million veiws, but I need inspiration about crime..
Wait, the fridge or the boy?
                              If it's the fridge I understand.
Hacking??? @unplugged doesn't this remind you of a certain character?
yeolghurt yeolghurt Nov 14
i saw eddie redmayne and i realized that i NEED to read this!
I love how my first comment on this will be "BURN THE WITCH!"
                              I'm sorry but that is the first thing that popped into my mind-
Symbolism for poppies? They're used in remembrance day to remember those who died in war