50 days • {Nalu}

50 days • {Nalu}

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After an intense encounter with a powerful dark mage, Team Natsu, along with the rest of the guild,  are left battered and bruised. Although they may have defeated the dark mage, a strange curse was placed on a certain member of the team. Now Natsu must do everything in his power to break the curse before 50 days are up. If the curse is not broken on the last day, the affects of the curse are permanent. So, what exactly does Natsu have to do to break this certain curse?


I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the characters besides OC's.

inspired by the movie '50 First Dates'

TheOncerGamer TheOncerGamer Dec 12, 2016
Natsu she already loves you! Curse or not! Just tell her how you feel about her AND MEAN IT, but first tell her who you are and have her get to know you again so you don't get bittchslaped XD
TheOncerGamer TheOncerGamer Dec 12, 2016
At this moment, Natus opponent had officially... Fuucked up!
k_yanna2001 k_yanna2001 Dec 08, 2016
Where's the rest of the band of seven 
                              So my other husband can destroy u as well
MilzJayne123 MilzJayne123 4 days ago
Yeah.....'friend'..... more like secret lovers who are getting married is going to make me the maid of honour and the godmother
callabpama callabpama Jan 03
The dark mage is my fav now 
                              HES A SECRET NALU FAN 
                              ALL HAIL THE DARK MAGE 
                              HE GOING TO BE THE SHIPPING KING
Aphmaushipper93763 Aphmaushipper93763 Dec 20, 2016
Easy give her chocolate,I would fall in love with someone in under fifty days if they kept giving me chocolate.