lost love; jinyoung

lost love; jinyoung

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dicaprio 🍒 By gawt-svn Completed

you've seen the drama in texts but now you'll witness the reality. 

[warning: explicit]

//snapchat sequel

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GyeomyTae GyeomyTae Jan 10
I literally just said out loud in public "okay I'm with kangmin now. Naaahh I don't like jr. What even" honestly I love your work it makes me so happy
annlynnc annlynnc Aug 10, 2017
it's been 2 years. if my bff can forget i took her boyfriend than so can you
clever_missy clever_missy Nov 21, 2017
Gassshhhhhhh why'd she have a boyfriiiieeenndddd???...but it's ok I don't mind tho hahaha
adorablejinyoung adorablejinyoung May 27, 2016
I like how some of your characters (eversince the first book) are some people who had roles in the heirs. THAT SHOW IS DAEBAK THO
-redawn -redawn Jan 10, 2017
holy crabs i thought it was gonna be in 2017 im s h o o k but thankful
YourHighness1 YourHighness1 Jan 16, 2016
Same tbh. Even sometimes when i'm laughing , I'll just say "lmaooo" and hold the "o".