Mine, Only Mine

Mine, Only Mine

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Selulululuhunnie By Selulululuhunnie Completed

Luhan is too young. Too young to fall in love. Too naive to believe on happy endings. Too stupid to believe on everything he said. His whispers of promises and sweet nothings, that are full of lies and shits still ringing on her head. She's in deep. Too drowned on sweet lies and poison, she doesn't even know how to get up.

And there is Kris, who is strong enough to paved his way on her heart. Just the time when she is ready to love again, a nightmare from the past comes back.

"You're mine Lu. I'm claiming what's mine from the start."

"I swear to myself that I will never fall to your trap again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Credits for my dongsaeng for a wonderful cover~ TheWickedDreamer Saranghae!

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KaiNSoo KaiNSoo Sep 28, 2017
So our Lulu is a "princess" here.. not a "princess-looking-prince"?
Soology712 Soology712 Jun 10, 2016
Yes of course who wouldn't love that kind of Sehun. It's like my air and water, I can't live without
TheWickedDreamer TheWickedDreamer Feb 23, 2016
BOomers! Eh kingina mo pala si Sehun eh. Ano bang dahilan ? huehue