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Dear No One (Girlxgirl)(Lesbian Story)

Dear No One (Girlxgirl)(Lesbian Story)

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Athena By TheGodAthena17 Updated Jun 16, 2016

For this one I got inspiration from a song called "Dear No One" by the lovely Tori Kelly (She is freaking ahmazing). Now on with the summary:  Wren (pronounced Ren) Michaelson is not the type to just spew her feelings on anyone she comes in contact with. She is used to just bottling them up until she just can't take it any more. And lately the feeling of loneliness has been eating at her. With so many couples being around her and her being the only one that is single she can't help it. So she spills her feelings on to a random sheet of paper in her notebook. Being her forgetful self she leaves it behind. When Wren finds the notebook again what she doesn't except is to see that someone wrote back. Even weirder Wren can't help but to reply.

kennapr kennapr Jun 06
Omg I hate when that happens like when you are late to class your class mates stares at you like wtf
travesty00 travesty00 Aug 30, 2016
That's why i walk through the back door or one of my heveanly angel friends distract the teacher while i slip in my seat.(happened twice in a week)
ArseyFacey ArseyFacey Sep 16, 2016
My first reaction was the Star Wars quote *ehem*"Fear Leads to Anger. Anger Leads to Hate. Hate Leads to Suffering."
BloodOfTheOpressed BloodOfTheOpressed Apr 11, 2016
But I must know how u brush your teeth. HOW long it takes you to thoroughly finish brushing your teeth. If you enjoy brushing your teeth. Ya know creepy stalker stuff >;3
cumila-cagayo cumila-cagayo Aug 08, 2016
I do this, but it's not a diary. It's a single piece of paper, and I write all my feelings on it. I keep those papers until the end of the year, and then burn them as a celebratory action for surviving the school year somehow. It's how I cope 😂
RedGirlLoves RedGirlLoves Aug 04, 2016
Derek reminds me of my only guy friend. Except, I hit on the back of the head, or punch him in the arm.