Call Me Master

Call Me Master

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Daddy By XxAmerican-PsychoxX Updated Aug 25, 2016


Dominant: (v.) Sexually aroused by one beings submission.

Ex.: "I'm dominant, by definition; I'm turned on by your submission."

*based off of  'Call Me Master' by Blood On The Dance Floor*

pastelxbands pastelxbands Nov 06, 2016
okay I've never read one where kellin is a top but I'll give it a try
TazorQueen TazorQueen Feb 09, 2016
I dun' usually read fics where Vic tops but this sounds interesting af
Ode-to-ships Ode-to-ships Aug 13, 2016
People are such aśśholes like read the damn story it doesn't matter if Kellins a top jfc
violetwinchesterr violetwinchesterr Jun 09, 2016
not used to top!kellin but I mean it couldn't hurt to read this
itsme_vic__jk itsme_vic__jk Aug 01, 2016
Ooo yay I love when kellin tops tbh cuz it makes the book unique😂😂
Black_Mist07 Black_Mist07 Apr 16, 2016
I feel uncomfortable with top! kellin but i'll give it a try