The Gentleman's Curvy Bride • Hiatus •

The Gentleman's Curvy Bride • Hiatus •

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Issa Blue By NoonaSwan Updated Oct 17, 2017

How The Hell Did I End Up HERE ?! I Had Such A Wonderful Life . Well Scrubbing Toilets And Cleaning Houses If You Count That . * Sigh * My Sad Life Just Got Sadder . 

Julie Is Not Your Cutie Cheerleader With The Hot Football Player Boyfriend. She Is Your 220 Pound Girl , Julie Is Not A Nerd Nor Those Types Of Tough Girls She's In Between She Has A Regular Life  . She Didn't Have Much But She Has The Best Mother In The Whole World And Friends That Love And Care For Her , For Julie That's Everything She Will Ever Need . But She Kinda Has Secret , She Is A Maid . No One Knows Except Her 2 Best Friend Who Is In The Business With Her , She Lands A Job For The 7th Richest Family In The Whole World And Ends Up Getting Into Trouble With The Son . 

Tyler Is Your Playboy Who Is Friends With The Ladies And The Ladies Are His Friends . Handsome , Perfect Smile , Tight Abs And Every Girls Dream . He Has Girls Wrapped Around His Finger , He Turns Smoking Hot Girls Into Blood Sucking Leeches . But Is He Doing This For Attention Or To Cover Up His Broken Heart ? 

WARNING : Eyeball Rolling Moments . Tears And B*tchy Moments .

 What Does Future Holds For Julie And Playboy Tyler ?

Please Don't Copy My Story If You Do Im Not Afraid To Take Legal Actions©

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Syanasyana6 Syanasyana6 Mar 16, 2017
I'm like that too 😂😂 but now i have fall in love with wattpad 😆
XKimothyX XKimothyX Apr 11, 2017
My shows!!!!!!!!! I love how u watch kdramas too ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯😍😍😍😍😍😍
mendezboo mendezboo Dec 21, 2017
Ooh!!! So excited!!! *squeals* 
                              BOOK SOUNDS.... AWESOMELY AMAZING!!!!
tarleton1234 tarleton1234 Aug 13, 2017
How you know who I am.... You following me around or something...?🤔🤔..🤔
ruthless-ruth ruthless-ruth Nov 23, 2016
Omg finally I find a book where the main character weighs the same as me 😍
bribreesbooks bribreesbooks Sep 25, 2016
Playful kiss is basically Mischievous Kiss which is on Netflix. That ones great.