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The New Kid

The New Kid

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RavenTheShadowQueen By RavenTheShadowQueen Completed

High school for monsters AU in this world dragons are a rarity among monsters everywhere vampires wish to taste their blood, werewolves want to eat them as their last meal since the scales are poisonous and every powerful potion and summoning ritual requires dragon scales or blood you can see why they went into hiding. But what happens when a transfer student from good ol' Ireland just so happens to be a dragon hybrid who hasn't come into their dragon form yet, but has the abilities?  Chaos, love and a LOT of fighting.
pairings: Septiplier, Pewdiecry, Bade because i can~ oh yeah if you want a certain youtuber to be in this tell me in the comments along with a general description and personality thank you and have a wonderful night~

Broken_Smiles_King Broken_Smiles_King Dec 16, 2016
Very good chapter omg. @HayleeBrandenburg recommended it to me. Good job, lass!
LilDoodleCat LilDoodleCat Aug 23, 2016
there is no way I can remember all this... Welp, time to type it all out in a word document. This is going to take so long... but it'll be worth it! Probably :P
                              Jack:and it glowed so magic shït 
                              Me:why dose this make me laugh so hard 😂 😂 😂