Haikyuu X Reader

Haikyuu X Reader

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April By Himitsudesu Updated Nov 06

"You know, imagination is a powerful thing."

•Haikyuu!! Various x Reader•

***Requests are open!

                              SO MANY REQUESTS. 
                              YOU'RE AWESOME.
                              BE MAH SENPAIIIIII
oh um hi!uuh can I request an angst kageyama oneshot?yeah uuuh arigatou! 
MinnOwl MinnOwl Sep 06
Hi! Can i request a yaku morisuke fluff where the reader teams up with kuroo to prank yaku mainly to get his attention
                              a songfic for terushima yūji.
                              song is GHOST by HALSEY. thankyouuu💕
nonameBRUH nonameBRUH May 10
                              I was hoping you can do a really cute story with a really sleepy Kuroo :3 lol idk I just think that would be cute x3
                              I see that there's so many requests...
                              Welp, I'm sorry since.. I'll be adding to the pile..?
                              It's a songfic, so.. The song is My Demons by Starset, though it can't always be angsty..
                              Thank you in advance, and I hope I'm not adding to your workload..