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The daughter of terror {editing}

The daughter of terror {editing}

20.2K Reads 842 Votes 19 Part Story
Chaos is magic~ By ChaosQueen47 Completed

This is the story of sombras daughter wisp
And how she is related to one of the mane six

AmberSquirrel AmberSquirrel Sep 25, 2016
Lol every time I look at the cover and I see the votes/reads of this book I have a small moment of happiness because I recognized my art, and I think its my book, then I remember it's your book not mine XD I'm so stupid lol
welerpy welerpy Feb 12, 2016
you could have her back story or her join the main six on adventures
AmberSquirrel AmberSquirrel Sep 25, 2016
Yellow little unicorn? Dang it, I've been drawing blue all this time...
Yellowmellowmarshmel Yellowmellowmarshmel Aug 22, 2016
Yay! MLP! The crystal empire was really in danger in that episode. #thanks Spike!
MindWarp MindWarp Apr 24, 2016
I only read like the very beginning but I'm wondering why my fathers being so nice to some random filly when I'm his son. He treats the slaves better than me. At least he wanted them.
AmberSquirrel AmberSquirrel Aug 12, 2016
I'm sorta glad this is going under editing, no offense, but this has so much potential for a good story but the spelling and grammar makes it hard to concentrate on it for me. NO OFFENSE INTENDED.