Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

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beaubeaubeau90210 By beaubeaubeau90210 Updated Oct 22, 2016

-Cover by strawberryM1KO-

Elijah McCarthy is... To put it simply, a very complex person. He's devilishly handsome, but he doesn't flaunt it, and I'm sure if I asked him about it, he'd scowl and grumble, 'you're a nuisance'.

Funny he says that, seeing as he's the biggest pain in the ass the world has ever been graced with. Grumpy, childish, rude and stubborn are the words I usually associate with him. And I've only known him for a month.

Sometimes he seems like not that bad of a person, but then I go to school and get harassed by him and his friends, so... *shrugs*

Mom keeps telling me that I'd look pretty In pink. I guess for just one day, I could trade my sweats in for a skirt.

It's not like it'd magically change everything... Right?



This book is an Original Academy Fanfic. I drop little hints, but you won't understand the references if you're not an Academy reader, and it'll just sound weird. Otherwise, you don't have to know Academy. You're really missing out if you don't, though. 

Oh, and Elijah swears a lot.

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😂😂😂 noooo waaaaay!!!!!! I though she was a balloon for a second there !
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I've been following you, but the chapters aren't appearing...was there something else that I was suppose to do???
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So...I was reading this story...and now just have 4 can I continue reading from were I left???
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Livology Livology Feb 15, 2016
Nicely done my friend! Can't wait to read more. Just quick question, is the girl British and living in America?
Arkie1212 Arkie1212 Jun 01, 2016
Squealing like a fan girl because I love the name Eli and I get the giggles