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Era of Bradan (Wattpad Featured Story)

Era of Bradan (Wattpad Featured Story)

62.4K Reads 4.1K Votes 38 Part Story
Asante By sammydrf Completed

  ****Wattpad Featured Story***** 
       Ana Bradan doesn't know why her family is being targeted by protests from an increasingly angry mob. She wonders if it's because she's shy and only knows a lonely, friendless existence as "Awkward Ana" which makes her a target for bullying. She never suspects her loving father is the cause of her misery, until one day he confesses that he once participated in a brutal massacre which has made all the Bradans a target for retaliation, and Ana literally bears his burden. Rather than risk her death at the hands of an angry mob, Ana's father manages to send her and her older sister Tara to Gaborgoon, a druid school run by one of his friends.
       But despite the well-wishes of Master Cynbel, the school's leader, Ana cannot fit in. Bullied relentlessly by both students and teachers, she is held under suspicion when an unknown creature begins attacking animals and students on the school grounds. She soon learns that those who offer her comfort are also those who need her to serve a higher purpose she doesn't understand. It's up to Ana to resist the temptation to be free of her burden if it means hurting innocent people and killing her father.
  This cover made by @elphador

ysheaka ysheaka Mar 23
I would have to say Ana because she seems fearless and she's outspoken... I am anticipating on where this all going because it's strange but a good strange🤔😉
ysheaka ysheaka Apr 05
No!!! Lolll... Google "Leprechaun movies" and you will see what I'm talking about... Let me know what you think🤗
rosebud04 rosebud04 Oct 16, 2016
I love Ana , she is so sweet. This book is so good!!!
                               📚 ❤️📚
WhatAGoodUsername WhatAGoodUsername Jun 09, 2016
This is amazing! I already feel drawn into the story, and it's only the first chapter!
MatchaLatte04 MatchaLatte04 May 02, 2016
I wanna ask, why this chapter i can't read anything? I mean, this part doesn't out, just the title that coming out
mszame mszame Nov 19, 2016
Hm, I definitely liked Ana and Emer the best. Ana seems like a sweet child and I'm wondering about these exrra Seitar powers she has. Emer, on the other hand, was quite mysterious and his warning made me want to read on and find out more.
                              Brilliant chapter overall☺💕💕💕