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Song of The Lotus Flute - A Naruto Fanfic

Song of The Lotus Flute - A Naruto Fanfic

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Megumi_Ookami By Megumi_Ookami Completed

Naruto leave the village one night after hearing a irresistible song on the air. He wakes up to be found by two Tsubasa Ninja, with no memory of who he is or where he came from. Later paired on the same ninja team as the Tsubasa shinobi who found him, they enter the chuunin exsam in Konoha so they can infiltrate the village. 
(This is a story based on the first half of Naruto. (Except instead of Sasuke being taken away by Orochimaru, Naruto brings him back to the village. It's been five years since then and Sasuke is still in the Konaha.
Inspired greatly by an unfinished fan fiction I found on Please forgive me original Author for the many similarity. I just really needed an end to the story so I began to write my own. Then it just sort of changed and became different all together... TT_TT )

nuh uh Tsukage! you don't even deserve to be a kage! how could you do that to Naruto?! 
                              btw, love this story! I like how you write Kyo instead of Naruto and write it as he learns.
Megumi_Ookami Megumi_Ookami Nov 08, 2010
I edited the fist chapter with some new material.  If anyone is reading this please comment.