Where Do Broken Hearts Go? | Unexpected Series Book One

Where Do Broken Hearts Go? | Unexpected Series Book One

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Set at the end of 2015, in which a last minute good deed by Harry sees him form an unlikely friendship with an older woman named Beth.  Both are facing new chapters in their lives.  Harry now has time to explore, to experience, whatever his heart desires.  Beth has to overcome a recent tragedy and look towards the future.  Will this unexpected friendship be just the thing that they never knew they needed?

Book One in the Unexpected series.

*cover made by the lovely and talented etstyles*

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am_1610 am_1610 May 27
This has happened to me with my kids in the basket. So embarrassing, it sucks.
Haha! I just imagined this. It would have been so embarrassing. 😂😂
Ah! Would have had a heart attack seeing Harry standing there like that. Love this so far! Not sure why it's taken me so long to start reading it! I see your posts about it on twitter and just never got around to it until now. I'm glad I'm reading now though! ❤️️❤️️
coolmum64 coolmum64 Dec 22, 2016
This is genius!! 😂😂 As a single mom I totally can relate! I'm hooked already!
KrissAndrade KrissAndrade Jul 10, 2016
Só a idéia proposta me fez ficar apaixonada pela historia. Meu noivo é 10 anos mais novo que eu e o marido da minha irmã é 7 anos mais novo que ela e já têm até uma menininha de um ano e seis meses, chamada Emília.
HES_spentmylove HES_spentmylove Dec 27, 2016
It's such a believable situation and of course can see Harry (gentlemanly angel that he is) making the purchase and bringing them over! I'm so ready for more 😊