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Prisoner of Fate

Prisoner of Fate

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Dene Rose By DeneRose Updated Apr 04

The Upper Realm is at war. A great empire that once was, has fallen. A world once filled with peace and extraordinary magic is engulfed in strife and fear. Now, with the Regime in control, those who possess the ability to wield one of the seven elements are being hunted. The Gifted, as they are called, are an endangered species on the brink of extinction. In a final bid for freedom, the rebels place their trust in one young soldier. His name is Remington. He's been marked as the warrior and protector of Las Spes: three siblings fated to transform an entire world.

In a riveting tale about fighting for survival, many are born but few are born to be great.

Thank you to Ms. Olivia J. Clarke (@ojclarke) for creating such an incredible cover.

bethanydans16 bethanydans16 Oct 13, 2016
Hmmm, Im Colombian, and I speak good English, but this vocabulary is a little complicated...a challenge...but I really like it though
Devita33 Devita33 Jan 31
Very well done! We have a similar writing style almost- it's very beautifully done dear! Xx love it. Excited to read more
HybridRen HybridRen Oct 13, 2016
Ok, is this an ok time to ask what in the world is going on?
HybridRen HybridRen Oct 13, 2016
Damn, in my opinion, who wouldn't shift away? This guy seems very powerful, and power like this means he might hold a lot of wisdom, meaning he knows more then what he lets the naked eye see.
                              And that's scary, you can't see his next move unless he lets you.
eds300e eds300e Aug 15, 2016
This put me right in the room of the old warrior and even the most miniscule detail kept me yearning for more details. A picture of words no doubt! As a new reader, the detailed description gave me a background of what's to come and didn't jump right into an event with no precursor.
TheComplexHeroine TheComplexHeroine Dec 04, 2016
Your words are so brisk on the page. FANTASTIC!!
                              I love how you describe things. And Murdock sounds menacing.