♡ Kinky Shit ♡

♡ Kinky Shit ♡

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Castiel By _-Castiel-_ Updated Dec 13, 2016

They will be Top/Dominant!Dean, and Bottom/Submissive!Castiel

Anything else you wanna request, go ahead.

Most of the stories in this book are not mine so I will put links to the original writers in that chapter.

The storys without credits are my own original storys so.. enjoy. Im not very good at writing smut. Sorry.

fricklemyjensen fricklemyjensen Jul 25, 2016
His whole hand... In CAS... ThAts gotta hurt. Even more than a dick. Hey at least the name of this cheater makes even morse sense ;3;
LyIsObsessedWithSPN LyIsObsessedWithSPN Jul 23, 2016
I literally like pull a muscle in my  F U C K I N G  chest from curling in a ball and trying not to scream and fangirl all over my living room cause I knew I would wake my parents up. Even though they're legit two floors above me.
Jimmys probably on heaven like "so....this is....what angels do? Oh.... I sacrificed my life for this?..... I still ship it though."