Happiness relies in you!!

Happiness relies in you!!

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nkaur231 By nkaur231 Updated Nov 16

Nandini- Hot,sexy, bubbly, and a cute little baby Manik's baby. She wears short clothes. Love of her life Manik her happiness,her true love.Dont have parents in a living relationship with Manik.

Manik-Hot,Handsome, arrogant and possessive ofcouse for Nandini. Love of her life Nandini. Her cuteness, charm hotness and beautiful smile made him fall for her crazily. Living relationship with Nandini.
 Mukti:Hot and sexy. Bf Abhimanyun who loves her madly and she too. 
 Navya: Dates Cabir. She has same characteristics as Nandini hot and cute. Wear short clothes.
Aliya: Hot, sexy, fashion diva of space. Dates a shy guy of space Dhruv.
Dhruv: Gf Aliya best buddy of Manik he shares everything with him. 
Cabir: loves navya a lot.Cool, prankster and fun able guy. Enjoys his life fully.  Consider Nandini as his little sister. 
Villains will be introduced throughout the story. 

Warning:This story will contain mature content scenes if u are not comfortable please don't read it!!! 
This story will makes you guys happy and whenever u are sad just read it will bring smile on your face. 1st time writing hope you guys love it.

Love happy endings so how many stories I write on manan will be happy endings. Sad endings Not for me to write lol

Bathroom Mai koi naughtiness nehi..cant believe manik itna sadhu ho gaya...
Rohu27 Rohu27 Sep 06
Nice story....
                              Comments willcone as I read.... I got this story.