The Gangleaders Little Rebel

The Gangleaders Little Rebel

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Riley Stone is a 18 year old girl trying to rebuild her life after an incident acured in her life. She is a straight A student, works at a cafe, and is a secret street fighter. Her street fighting name is Rebel. 

Logan Steel a bad boy who has a family, girls falling to their feet, boys envy and hate him and he has his bestfriends. Oh did I forget to mention he is a gangleader to one of the most dangerous gangs in America?

She is a quiet, sarcastic, short tempered, funny girl who hides a dark past. He is a arrogant, conceited, cocky, rude bad boy who has a few dark secrets himself. What happens when these two meet? Will it be love at first sight? Will they hate eachother? Guess you'll have to read to find out.

She has to be at her 'Day job' so nobody think anything of how she 'doesn't' have a job and still have a roof over her head and by 'doesn't' have a job I mean nobody knows she is a street fighter well that what I think but y'all haters can have you own opinion.
maymayrules maymayrules May 05
Wait, but since u street fight don't u get alot of money if u win alot
O thought there was only the picture of the front cover I'm here just like great picture of Riley 😂😂
owmaygawsh owmaygawsh May 22, 2016
I'm 5'5, 15 yo but my family members arn't tall only 1 or 2 members so yeah😔
accio-pasta accio-pasta Sep 18, 2016
Teacher: You're late. 
                              Me: And you're bald. What's your point?
Monique2114 Monique2114 Apr 21, 2016
I'm so confused on when she's actually talking since there's no quotation marks