Misses Who? (Sequel to Mrs. Styles?!)

Misses Who? (Sequel to Mrs. Styles?!)

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Caution this is a sequel don't read the description unless you've read "Mrs.Styles"

Jessica has always been a logical thinker with sheer intelligence. However, after a bad case of amnesia she finally gets her memory back only to feel helpless. She can't help the betrayal she feels running through her veins caused by EVERYONE she called her family. Lies, cheating, backstabbing are enough to pull her off the edge, but now there's the shocking pregnancy which is why she decides to runaway and escape her past life, sad reality. Will Harry, her husband, find her? Will she be in danger migrating to a different country?

Amazing cover made by: styleswhat

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@KiraHassen03 my account isn’t showing what u commented the ?  mark on but I can answer ur questions if you let me know :)
zaynjavaaddm zaynjavaaddm Jan 29, 2016
Hi i just wrote my first story I hate it when people do this but I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to read it! It's my first ever fanfiction so it's really bad but I'd love if you read it and told me if you like it? Great story btw!