Criminal's Girl *Slowly Editing* (#4 Psycho Series)

Criminal's Girl *Slowly Editing* (#4 Psycho Series)

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Aaliyah Turner By Aaliyah_Loyal Updated Sep 25

I shot up in a sitting position, my breathing came out as pants. My body was covered in sweat and my clothes stuck to me. My heart  was beating so fast, I thought it was going to explode out my chest.

I had that dream again, that dream of him.

I heard an noise and snapped my head in it's direction. My heart rate quickened as I stare at nothing but darkness. The only light provided was the moonlight beaming through my window but other than that it was completely dark.

I let out a breath and ran a hand through my hair. I probably image that.

I went to lay back down but shot back up when I heard that sound again. My breath hitched as a large figure appeared from the darkness.

"Bad dream sweetheart?" That voice brought shivers down my spine. I froze and he must of notice, as he chuckle. I was to afraid move. 

All I know is that a criminal was in my room.

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s_archer17 s_archer17 Apr 10
Moral of this chapter: "In order to avoid being killed for witnessing a murder, be beautiful so that you can enrapture the killer with your beauty."
What the. Don't they drills for this?! Oh wait. Anyone who was out there and tried to warn everyone probably got shot. Hmmm... Nevermind
Imoni_Moni Imoni_Moni Apr 23
Whoa y'all still learning that. I learned that in Indiana in 7th grade
Excuse you! I don't think she is wearing your name written with sharpie on her forehead. I don't visualize a tag or tatto or a marking of some short in her with your name. Thank you very muxh
Awkward. This is that time when you tell your friends your crush and to make it look discrete when they try to peek at him but you all look the same way and it totally gives it away
Really I thought it was a toaster! *No bitch of course it was a gun tf*