Give Me the Definition of Evil

Give Me the Definition of Evil

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YourAverageWriter By NerfHearder Updated Aug 19, 2017

You've probably read those stories about the damsel in distress who makes the hero swoon. They fight, they think the bad guy isn't actually a bad guy - but plot twist - her dad is actually behind it all. 

* cue dramatic gasps * 

Well this is a different kind of story. 

My name is Scarlet Walker, I was just released from a level 5 maximum security prison facility for super powered teenage delinquents. 

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't released because I did my time, I've been selected for a government team the people have been calling : Faction Five. They take supers from prison and use them as puppets. So I guess I won't be blowing up the city any time soon - unless I want my head blown off. 

I know what you're thinking ' wow badass spy missions, secret government hacking and jazz, that's so cool ! '


They put me and my team in school. Which - in my opinion - is much MUCH worse than spy missions and risking my life. 

The food is almost as plastic as the girls. I doubt I'll survive long enough without killing someone to complete my mission and have my prison sentence appealed. 

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blowing_minds blowing_minds Mar 02, 2016
Okay, I'm going out on a limb here...
                              but this sounds AWESOME!!!
AnArtistInTheYewTree AnArtistInTheYewTree May 04, 2016
You is supposed to put the 'D' in DIRT,  not writing >.> (Love you if you get the reference~) I'm looking forward to reading this :D
Literacy101 Literacy101 Nov 15, 2016
But wha... there's not a D in writing... xD I'm confused now xD
Literacy101 Literacy101 Nov 15, 2016
I'm just... I really respect this author's note. Seriously xD I might not get far into this because I'm one of those people who doesn't like cursing, but the premise sounds good enough that I'm giving it a try :) kudos to you for that lol.
- - May 19, 2016
In regards to language, if it's for the character, do it. Never change because someone suggested you to.
TheAwkwardBookGirl TheAwkwardBookGirl Mar 03, 2016
I read author's notes... Your story sounds amazing, by the way!