The Silver Eyed Gilbert Saga: Dangerous Woman

The Silver Eyed Gilbert Saga: Dangerous Woman

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Elliot Salvatore By ElliotSalvatore Updated Jul 22

Third book in series

Midnight has been with Stefan and Klaus all summer, embracing her side as a killer and animal. Damon and her sister have been on their trail, but they don't want that. Well, Stefan doesn't. Mid could care less. All she cares about is getting rid of this void in herself that's slowly consuming her.


Season 3

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I was just scrolling with out reading and I stopped because I saw “how are you feeling my sister” bye said Klaus and I was like SHES NOT A WOLF SHE A HYBRID aaaaahhhhh fucckkckv
TruFanFicLover TruFanFicLover Jan 08, 2017
I love the twists and such, it's just really hard for me to see her with's just .. it feels weird to me honestly.
Genuine_ Genuine_ Oct 12, 2016
When you have been waiting 5eva and this update made your life 😭😍
maria_x1864 maria_x1864 Oct 12, 2016
My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this book up again. I kept saying "oh my god 5x"
sbeautifulest sbeautifulest Oct 12, 2016
Love you so much!!! Can't wait for this book to start!!! 😊💗
harlycat98 harlycat98 Nov 20, 2016
Omg! Please update, this is an amazing series that I am LOVING!! Please continue *puupydogeyes*