House of Anubis: What really happened to Nina?

House of Anubis: What really happened to Nina?

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This is after the Touch Stone of Ra so Eddie has lost his powers.


After the Anubis residents graduate from Amun Boarding School, Mr. Sweet builds a college right behind it. He asked the students, if they would like to attend this university, to wait a year as they built it. 

Soon enough it was built and everyone was back, but not necessarily everyone..
Eddie soon felt feelings that he hadn't felt in a long time. Was his Orsirian powers back?  No this couldn't be. 

Eddie started seeing some weird signs of Nina. But she was gone. She was in America. But it was almost as if she had never left...

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CloudedLeopard64 CloudedLeopard64 Nov 19, 2017
Amfie, considering I have absolutely no idea who Willow even is
bloomthegreat12 bloomthegreat12 Jul 13, 2016
Because he likes her and is very very upset she is not at Anubis
voidsibunas voidsibunas Mar 30, 2016
He seems ok but he's probably got something to hide seeing as this is a HOA fanfic and it normally happens
Musicbox13 Musicbox13 Sep 04, 2016
Because he knows something about why she disappeared and he isn't telling anyone
Winged_ARMY Winged_ARMY Dec 30, 2016
Chill Fabian ! It's not Eddie's fault he is destined and connected to Nian in a way you aren't !
rwbyfan1112 rwbyfan1112 Mar 29, 2016
It's 10 o'clock you have 1 hour percicley and then I want to hear a pin drop!