Breaking The Rules

Breaking The Rules

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Lindsey By SUMMERBREAKERRRS Updated Jul 04, 2013

Lindsey's POV-

  Lindsey Ann Tomlinson.That's my name.I am not Louis' wife,nor his sister.I am his very close cousin.Louis and I didn't even consider each other cousins,more like brother and sister.Anyways,when I was about to attend college,my parents told me I needed to start paying rent at 'their' house.I never was close to my parents,so the idea of paying to live with them was a definite no no.Louis heard about me needing a place and took me in.I lived in Kentucky in America,but now I live in London with him and his 4 band mates.

  They all really didn't pay attention to me much.I mean,we would say hi when we passed each other,but for the most part,we ignored each other. The only one I would say I have any type of relationship would be Niall.Niall is so sweet and funny,but considering tons of girls are going after him,I kept away,knowing I had no chance.Especially since he had his eyes on a different girl.This was his old family friend,Amy Green.She came over once,but we never spo...

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