The Badboy's New Girl

The Badboy's New Girl

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****Really cliché****

Carlos daniels. The badboy of west high. He has 3 brothers. 
He's a manwhore.  He fucks girls. You mess with his friends, you mess with him. 
He has a secret. One know one except his family and friends know. 

Like they say 'don't judge a book by its cover'

Rosaline Collins or what she likes to go by, liya has just moved to new york.

Will he let her in or will they remain in their pasts forever?
Join them in an adventure to find love...

Comments from readers:

"i love the story and this chapter had me laughing so hard, my sides were hurting"- @cleiscute

"I love it"- @elizabethriley4

" this is a really good book, you are a great writer"- @CheshireCatBooks

"Update soon. I love it so much"- @fangurl330
#17 in teen fiction (12/03/16)

Amazing cover by- @xThePineappleGirlx

Like all the teen fictions Iv read..the girl(mostly) or the guy had a horrific past..
jaibaby2517 jaibaby2517 a day ago
I read that as" I'm going to miss you at lunch." ..........the struggle is real bro. It really is.......
Walk in closet?!?!😭😭❤️❤️goals darling..freaking goals
I haven't read the book (yet) it's just in my library and ps this may be the first chapter but I'm already liking it😀
simbafreak simbafreak Nov 25
Code for: I'm going to make a fool of myself and be the most noticed kid in the building
Why are they always brought togthr by a projct and if it is another home ec project where they bke a cake I am going to laugh. I love his series and the Alpha series best books ever