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She hated him! 

He hated her! 

But none the less they had to work together. 

Competing for top spot in the largest Accounting Firm in New York City was the game. 

They were both just trying to play to win. 

But how do you win when neither side plays fair. 

It's just a Love/Hate thing! 

Love of the chase, hate of the wait !

Staring Chris Brown & Robyn Fenty

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senior1317 senior1317 Sep 30, 2016
Loving this already!!!! I cant wait to read the rest just read the epilogue!! Loving this work already!!
shanshanwilson20070 shanshanwilson20070 May 10, 2016
BEST sex seen I've ever read. OMG this is amazing,love it already
ButtaFlyz ButtaFlyz Feb 11, 2016
WTF did I stumble upon!?!
                              $hit...I think I set a phuckin record for breath holding, cuz I was gasping for air at the close of the chapter.
                              I need a break, a shower, a J and a drink before the next chapter!
XLZAXx XLZAXx Jan 03, 2017
in books it seem like they be having some mind blowing ass sex
Tiffanip Tiffanip Jan 14, 2016
Can not wait to read more I love all your stories and love your writing skills
_morganb _morganb Jan 14, 2016
Man I sweah I love your writing ! Ughh i love the beginning as well !