Tattoos & Tutus **ON HOLD**

Tattoos & Tutus **ON HOLD**

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PerfectlyImperfect89 By PerfectlyImperfect89 Updated Feb 04, 2012

Sixteen year-old Lia knows she should feel lucky; she's pretty, popular and so close to living her dream as a dancer with the New York City Ballet. Lately though she's found herself wondering if the constant sacrifice of so many regular teenage experiences is worth it. For years it's been nothing but hard work, with friends, parties and dating coming second every time.

Then she meets Alex and everything changes.

His life couldn't be more different to hers and he has secrets that he thinks she'd never understand. Secrets that could put anyone he gets close to in danger. What's life without a little risk though? It seems like a small price to pay, especially when they both start to realise they don't always have to be the person everyone expects them to be. But is that enough when they find themselves faced with doing things they'd never imagined to stay together.... and to keep each other safe?

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NickySpaans NickySpaans Sep 30, 2011
Wow !soooo wow ! i really dont know what to say ! its really amazing ! im so interested in reading ! it feels like a book already ! for now with all ive read, if you get it published it would really go wild ! i can already see the movie. ..
Mandoonio Mandoonio Sep 29, 2011
Oh so exciting!  I love when a story opens with drama and excite.entire!  And I know its going to be great because it is you and I already love your writing!
Mandoonio Mandoonio Sep 29, 2011
I so added this to my library!  I am so excited that you are posting on here!  Yay!