Written In Dreams | ✔

Written In Dreams | ✔

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• In Which They Dream • 

People say you dream about those things which you think about. Her thoughts were free to travel. But they usually decided to head up in his direction.

 His arms were her asylum,
Her voice was his tranquilizer.

He was the sky,
And she was his brightest star.

Their love shone like the twilight;
But, only in dreams.

Follow the girl who simply loathes ideas of love conquer her dreams.

❝ I think I won't care if I go insane by thinking about these dreams. Because the things I felt there is worth my sanity.❞
- Eleanor 

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deepsealife deepsealife Apr 18
This is not a prologue, but an extended blurb.
                              The quote/extract is catchy!
I really like this prologue! It's really different to any others that I have seen and give a backstory to what we are about to read. This Prince Charming though 😏
- - Sep 23
Ooooohh~ interesting, I wish they'll do meet though but for now, I'm just gonna see what happens. X3
Nice introduction. :) Good thing you provided a photo. :) 
                              Anyway, I like it that you have enumerated/,desceibed how meeting that kind of guy would surely make a difference in her life. It provokes the readers to think what will happen next since, really, no one knows but you. :)
psychogal19 psychogal19 Apr 12
It's true as well as false. They make you strong as well as weak. Depends on a person what they want it to be.
claramurugi claramurugi Apr 21
Oh my God!I have never seen such a beautiful start.Mwaah!Sweet start girl!