International Playboy

International Playboy

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Joanne Lim By macchiatae0613 Completed

Jeon Jungkook. The International Playboy. Is. Your. Boyfriend. How you handle it?

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sunnyxdodo sunnyxdodo Dec 31, 2016
I love kookie and all but like Hannah needs to get a grip on logic
gzbisnotkewl gzbisnotkewl Dec 27, 2016
well, if that's the case then i'd like to order another 5 bowls of ramen
AwkwardlyShyPotato AwkwardlyShyPotato Dec 27, 2016
I thought you said she misunderstood and now you admit you cheated on her 😂 OML
JiminBootilious JiminBootilious Dec 22, 2016
I'm read to many books and I am really done with all the aguing can u just make up
Go check out my new fanfic it would mean a lot 🙏🙏🙏🙏
eunjaejeon eunjaejeon Nov 11, 2016
If I was there I would slap him sorry not sorry kookie bye~ 😂 lol just kidding