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Not so Big Brother

Not so Big Brother

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Shirou Tsuru By NuttyThenutjob Updated Mar 15

"Looks like we meet again, hot head." I smirked as Raph came into view. His head was so red from fuming he could've just explode!

"A'right kid, give me back my sai. Now." He growled.

"You mean that salad tong? Why? Vegetarian?" All hail me for the amazing comebacks, thank you thank you.

"I ain't have no time ta mess around kid. Just turn around and gimme back my sai and i'll consider this over."

I rolled my eyes. "Dude, i'm 14. I'm not a kid."


Who would've thunk the Ol' Fearless big brother blue leader is actually the youngest?

And who knows, there are still secrets kept in store..



Ch.1-2 is written kinda hapzardly, may edit later. The story gradually turns better at Ch.3 or 4.

Relationship mostly revolves around Raph's friendship first because it's easier for me to connect with him. Donnie and Mikey will eventually came up. On later chapters. Eventually.

Disclaimer : I DON'T OWN THESE TERRAPINS EXCEPT AO. ((Well not really since he's- oh just read this already!))

Tigerwolves Tigerwolves Nov 16, 2016
for some reason this story is beiliable  do to leo really does seems to act like a kid when no one paying attention
miabalky miabalky Nov 12, 2016
My life cept on paper and SOMTIMES i graffti my school but only says 'kill me ' 'end my personal hell ' 'you cant hide from the truth & MY MOST FREQUENT ONE YET M-lg in cursive
RiverFlower10 RiverFlower10 Sep 21, 2016
what the crap LEO THE YOUNGEST IM TELLING *runs to the lair and runs past leo*
__Author-Chan__ __Author-Chan__ Jun 15, 2016
Young and handsome huh? Pfft... Sorry but.... Nvm continue with being young and "handome" 😁
Mamoonia Mamoonia Feb 04, 2016
More!!! I need more!!! Love the story. Is raph going to turn into this big protective big brother?? Update whenever you can. I love this story!!