Shinigami Girl [Akabane Karma]

Shinigami Girl [Akabane Karma]

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Akasha By Sh_Akasha Updated Dec 28, 2016


'I was empty, I knew it. As a Shinigami, I forgot what is the meaning of emotions and feelings. Well, I don't care about it anyway, or so I thought. It's nostalgic, indescribable, yet warm. Slowly and steadily, I learnt to become a real human. I was glad that I met you.'
As a Shinigami, Kirishima Asaki never felt anything inside her heart. She was empty. Every Shinigami are empty.
She was supposed to kill everyone in Class E.
But somehow, she got caught inside the class and have to enroll at the school, as one of Class E's student.
She was changing herself and opening up while she was getting along well with her classmates, and when the redhead fell for her.

But, is a Shinigami even allowed to feel those emotions?

1st Arc - Emotions - Ongoing
2nd Arc - [Secret!^^] - Pending
(Shinigami = Not the killer who is called Shinigami)
Summary sucks, please read the story, comment, vote, and enjoy!^^

SapphireReyes_ SapphireReyes_ Jul 12, 2016
Kirishima Ayato
                              Kirishima Touka
                              Kirishima Isya
                              Oh wait, Isya is my name
AnimeLister4Ever AnimeLister4Ever Aug 06, 2016
I did not know that this book was written by the sake author who wrote asano