Whatever You Fear

Whatever You Fear

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RUBEHHHHH... ok, it's just Ruby By cookieoflife Completed

...The ghost let out another sigh. ‘It’s unfortunate, but I sound like whatever you sorely miss… and I guess that is why I sound like ‘Emmy’. Are you sure you want to come with me? Do you promise?’

‘Alright, I promise.” I said with determination...

A girl awakes to find a ghost/ lost spirit in her room. It just so happens to be that the spirit cannot find 'Death'.
What if luring 'Death' is the only way to help?

  • death
  • ghost
  • life
  • spirit
  • suicide
cookieoflife cookieoflife Dec 05, 2011
@firefreak nawww
                              Oh well
                              Hey, how bout voting because its scary?
silver_raindrops silver_raindrops Dec 05, 2011
thanks to your story i'm going to have nightmares about lost spirits and thanks to your commnts i'm going to have nightmares about loggo mudering me and leaving my eyeball in a pool of blood so you see why i am not going to vote (sorry):)
cookieoflife cookieoflife Sep 29, 2011
@OreoAssassin and spelling errors :)
                              When I was replying I pressed the delete button instead.
                              It doesn't look like your message was deleted tho.
                              SORRY IF IT IS!
cookieoflife cookieoflife Sep 29, 2011
@OreoAssassin Sure! Only puntuation and grammar.
                              Yes, Loggo was under my bed so I wrestled him until he went out of my window. He was whispering 'Katti... Katti' 
                              He'll probably be at your place tonight.
                              I lost a finger but I stiched it back on with mums sowing kit :)