I Am Haruno Sakura

I Am Haruno Sakura

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Melissa-chan By Lady_Shiari Updated Sep 10, 2017

Sakura has always been there for Sasuke and Naruto. She was always left out when Kakashi trained them. She was always left to fend for herself. And now, she won't just fend, she will fight, with the help of the Haruno Kekkei Genkai. The cherry bud will finally bloom. 

Along with her hatred for Team 7. 

Slight AU.

I don't own Naruto, Kishimoto-sama does.

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TheCopyCatNin TheCopyCatNin Nov 18, 2017
Kakashiiiiiiii y u bein stupid????? ;-; I have better spelling I swear
*smacks kakashi hard with an enhanced fist*
                              KAKASHI YOU FVCKING LITTLE SHI-
kimmy190 kimmy190 Jan 04
Now that i think of it im surprised she didnt change at all in the anime. Cause many would agree that you would probably hold some hatred or grudge.
Amaterasu_Blossom Amaterasu_Blossom Feb 08, 2017
Either he's a sexist pig, or Sakura reminds him of Rin. Maybe even both.
ShadowZzY ShadowZzY Mar 01, 2017
Even tho its a SLIGHT Au doesn't mean Kakashi actually takes Sakura as hes fav D: