Thump, Thump. {A Horror/Thriller Novel}

Thump, Thump. {A Horror/Thriller Novel}

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♢Horror/Thriller Novel♢

This book is trash yo

Living with her family in a blue house on one of the many acres of land they own, Emily Navity is afraid when her little sister begins speaking of her new friend. Later, that 'friend' becomes the biggest nightmare that she could've ever imagined. No one expected the aggressive presence in the lovely little blue house... Or the frightening history that presence has. But while trying to expell this hellish being, Emily learns more about who he was...

And who accompanied him.

{WARNING} Blood and gore.


As I reached the end of writing this book, I started rushing, and the writing got pretty bad and fast paced. I have lost interest in it, so it will not be edited. I'm not going to try to make it better. It's not a terrible story though, so read on.

  • alotofdecapitation
  • horror
  • murder
  • thriller
  • thumpthump
iceblender iceblender Jun 14
Chapter 1 : Em-2016
                              Chapter 2 : Emily...
                              Anyone see the similarities? No? Yes?
In the future someone is gonna look at this and hate me lmao
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