neighbors | solangelo au

neighbors | solangelo au

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lucyfn By lucyfn Updated Mar 12

a cute boy moves in next door to nico, who's too much of an introvert to give a fuck. somehow, he falls in love anyway.

turkish translation by the wonderful disolace:

some info you should know:
this part is lowercase intended. the actual story is NOT lowercase only. if swearing bothers you, not reading this fic would be good. trigger warnings at the beginning of chapters when necessary.

I thought it meant that the truck was moving when he got out but then I realised that I'm just stupid
lexter2003 lexter2003 May 04
This is probably stupid and I'm probably going to end up embarrassing myself, but Is that a spongebob reference?? 😂😂😂
Me every time my mom makes me leave my room 😂😂😂😂
MikayleeF MikayleeF Apr 25
*gasp* What? Really? You don't love every guy you meet? I'm shocked!
BIANCA IS ALIVE! Wait....don't tell u better not kill her or...or I'll do something!!!
wense49 wense49 May 23
Ok, this is the first time EVER in all my years of fic reading that I read a good fanfiction on this website.... THANK YOU! This looks very promising, can't wait to read more! I love the dynamic between Nico and Bianca and Will being all friendly and smiley. Great chapter!