Playing It Safe [Naruto!VariousxWolf!Reader] [RE-WRITE]

Playing It Safe [Naruto!VariousxWolf!Reader] [RE-WRITE]

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miriam By Author-Chan Updated Jul 20, 2016


[Name] had been Konoha Academy's friendly guard wolf for four years in a row.

Now it's time for her to be assigned to a Genin team as an assistant. Lucky her, she gets taken in by the one and only Hatake Kakashi. 

And when three little Genin graduates come along, will [Name] be able to handle them?


BeingWeirdIsTheBest1 BeingWeirdIsTheBest1 Jun 17, 2016
And that was when sasuke knew.....he was a giraffe *says in Morgan freeman voice*
Night_Hunters02 Night_Hunters02 Aug 05, 2016
*breathes in deeply* Yep, the smell of uselessness and whining is wonderful
yuki__uzumaki yuki__uzumaki Jun 21, 2016
I swry!!!!! I didn't know it wasn't snuw!!!! Dey wook so similar!!!!!
LexiplierMendes LexiplierMendes Oct 20, 2016
Y the hell her neck so damn long😂😂😂😂 dis btch body parts stay distorted specially dis nigga forehead and NOW HER NECK💀💀💀💀💀
Straight-As-A-River Straight-As-A-River Jul 14, 2016
That moment when you wake up on a Monday, and forgot to work on the Homework over the weekend...
ultimate_daddy ultimate_daddy Sep 26, 2016
So... I'm a lime green wolf? What, did I get some sorta radiation poisoning?