Playing It Safe [Naruto!VariousxWolf!Reader] [RE-WRITE]

Playing It Safe [Naruto!VariousxWolf!Reader] [RE-WRITE]

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Author-Chan By Author-Chan Updated Jul 20, 2016


[Name] had been Konoha Academy's friendly guard wolf for four years in a row. Now it's time for her to be assigned to a Genin team as an assistant. Lucky her, she gets taken in by the one and only Hatake Kakashi. And when three little Genin graduates come along, will [Name] be able to handle them?


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anime >when they're shock or in panic like naruto.....they begin to be giraffe<
Night_Hunters02 Night_Hunters02 Aug 05, 2016
*breathes in deeply* Yep, the smell of uselessness and whining is wonderful
BunneeHime BunneeHime Oct 20, 2016
Y the hell her neck so damn long😂😂😂😂 dis btch body parts stay distorted specially dis nigga forehead and NOW HER NECK💀💀💀💀💀
Daddyy-Chan Daddyy-Chan Sep 26, 2016
So... I'm a lime green wolf? What, did I get some sorta radiation poisoning?
Icy-chan Icy-chan Aug 18, 2016
What the fudge what's up with her neck God she's a giraffe now
Red_metal_wolf Red_metal_wolf Apr 25, 2016
The word is tamed. Domestication is taming an animal of several generations to live in close association with humans. Taming is the getting an animal used to being around humans.