fallin c r o w n | Natsu x Reader

fallin c r o w n | Natsu x Reader

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BOOK DESCRIPTION. [ originally named "MS. M A I D" ]

ℐt's not right. It never will be. 

           Ꮖhe way he treats her like a princess, when she's not. ℐt's wrong; to say the least. 

                    ℋe's her Prince Charming - with perfect sunkissed skin, dark brown eyes with small flecks of green, small white fangs, beautiful grin, and darling salmon hair. 

        Ꭿnd she - she's nothing but a girl with flat hair tied into a ponytail, pale white skin, boring hues, fake 100 percent smile, and shy atmosphere. 

ℋe's the prince. Ꭶhe's the maid. ℬut, she's always been his treasure; no matter who, or what, she is.    

| R E  A D E R   i n s e r t | 
[n a t s u  x  r e a d e r]

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Friendpaw Friendpaw Mar 14, 2017
Is it Sting X reader? I am pretty sure that it is a Natsu X reader.
SuckertooFandoms SuckertooFandoms Apr 24, 2017
That's not how I look but I can deal with it. I have tan skin, brown eyes, and brown hair that can't be tamed.
IcePrincessSapphire IcePrincessSapphire Jun 13, 2017
Hey sting What's up haven't seen you in a book  since yesterday
TheLightWithinAHeart TheLightWithinAHeart Jun 30, 2016
Blonde spiky hair? Ocean blue hues of eyes? Who is this? Roxas? Ventus? I'm so confused
ud0nnn ud0nnn Dec 03, 2016
100% anticipated and sitting on the edge of my seat to read the next part
Midnightkagomi Midnightkagomi Aug 31, 2016
Natsu has pink hair sting has blonde spiky hair and blue eyes