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QueenRose013 By QueenRose013 Updated Mar 01, 2017

This is a story not known to many. You have heard growing up that the black and white wolfs are the strongest. That no one can match their strength. However, that's where you are wrong.

Thousands of miles away, deep in the Earth, trapped in ice lay a she-wolf. A  wolf so strong that the Moon Goddess herself had to bind her to that ice. She is dangerous and the only ones who knew about her were the Elders. 

That is until she woke up...

  • drama
  • fanatsy
  • mate
  • supernatural
  • werewolf
MelCreature MelCreature Aug 12, 2017
And adding to dying just to give birth the same day, theyll also be leaving tjeir own mates if they do and theyll go into depression... According to how werewolf bonds are
cadetlove cadetlove Apr 11
I just read the details and my heart started beating hard and I had to read this.
WreKer20 WreKer20 May 01, 2017
They are willing to die just to give birth on the same day ... ? Why?
EmbraceTheCrazy EmbraceTheCrazy Jun 25, 2016
Uh is this set in the future cuz I don't think they had cheerleader tryouts 5,000 yrs ago. Sorry to b critical but... Yeah
Lol I looked at her last name and was thinking "did this author get that name off Chachi Gonzales?"
Fuerza_Boricua Fuerza_Boricua Oct 16, 2016
Why can't you people just plan to conceive around the same time? Why do they have to be born the same day when you arnt even going to see them grow up or anything like that?