Kidnapped [Major Editing] (completed)

Kidnapped [Major Editing] (completed)

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✿ ethan.grant ✿ By xzadeas Completed

•• I Have 3 Parts In This One Book So Be Prepared! ••

Part : 01
A 13 year old young girl is kidnapped and her only hope is her parents and friends from school.

Her kidnapper is determined to do anything to keep her there. He's did it before and isn't afraid to do it again.

Part : 02 
"Sierra! What are you doing?" I hear Eric voice say.
"I don't know anymore." I whisper.

"Mom!" I heard Sherana yell.
"Hey angel! How was your day?" 

"Great! Mom, I got a picture for you." Sherana goes into her bag and gets out a colorful piece of paper. She drew three people on there.

"That's me. That's you. That's dad." I look at her then smile. I look at Eric who was smiling too.

This is how it should be! Or... At least it was meant to be.

Part : 03
"My brother is going, why can't I!" I yell at my mom.
"Unless your brother takes you with him, you can't go!" My mom finally agrees.
I smile and hug her before rushing out of the door.

I saw he already left so I decided to walk over to my friends house which wasn't far away from mine.
I'm now 1 block away when one guy Past by. He looked familiar. He stopped me by wrapping his arm around my stomach.
"What the fu-" before I had to yell out, he covered my mouth and began to drag me to a car.

"Mmmm! MMMM!" I yell as loud as I could.
I was thrown into the trunk with the door shut.
I banged on it for what felt like hours. I kicked and screamed for help but nothing happened.

Finally , after hours past,  the trunk opened and the guy came.
"Missed me?" He looked familiar but different.
"Dad?" I ask...

∆ This is my first official torture e.t.c book so excuse the write if its so vivid. ∆


  • abused
  • gangleader
  • goalreached
  • horror
  • kidnapped
  • love
  • loved
  • missed
  • takened
  • torture
aaLIyAhr0912 aaLIyAhr0912 Dec 05, 2017
Who says “oh lord, ok this is going to be a long night.” When she knows her family is going to be murdered and she is going to be kidnapped🤷🏽‍♀️😂
xxxTifenica xxxTifenica Dec 23, 2017
I am turkey so confused. This book was in my library and it said I've read it before but I've never seen it so I'm actually so lost.. I need help
Lmao I thought the first was scarey hahahahaha nice....I will add this to my library !!!
Muhammed280 Muhammed280 Sep 29, 2016
Güzel.Kitaplarımı okumanı tavsiye ederim teşekkür ederim takip ve beğeni rica ederim
a0327897 a0327897 Dec 30, 2016
i love how the author got straight into the subject and didn't wait until another chapter
RenasSpiritAnimal RenasSpiritAnimal Jan 18, 2017
Am i the only one over here like:
                              A) writing twenty one as 21 is blasphemous
                              And B) why is no one freaking out at the fact that he said TwentyOne