Faithful Heartbeat

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Trisha By angela98 Updated 3 years ago
Elsa in love with a dangerous but heart racing species......
Nice start! The readers would definitely crave to read the next chapter. And also, you did a good job on leaving Evan's character as the mysterious one. ;)
I think this is a good start!  I'm not a fan of vampires, but I'm interested in where this will be going >:)
I liked you prologue it was a nice intro to the story and some of the  characters.
I liked this :) You need to try and run the first sentences a little more smoothly but overall good!
There are a few grammatical errors, but nothing to worry about really. I like it so far!
i like the concept so far, the background is good, only mistake i figured was the tense, you are using present tense but in few places you used past ,,,,it would be good if u just stick to present.
                                    its really difficult to write in present tense but your try was good