Stefan Stefan's Synthpop Jihad

Stefan Stefan's Synthpop Jihad

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Mariah Ragi By WaltTwitman Completed

Stefan didn't intend to become ISIS's number-one pop idol. He just wanted his fans to recognize him at the local supermarket. 

After Stefan discovers that his huge international fandom can only recognize him if he stands between the two more popular members of his British boyband, the idealistic pop singer/history buff embarks on an ill-advised solo career. Despite attaining unexpected stardom in Turkey, Stefan soon finds himself without a record contract. Undaunted, Stefan turns to the internet (and cheap home recording equipment) to connect directly with his new Turkish fans. But because of some misinterpreted lyrics (and his recently grown trendy beard), Stefan inadvertently becomes popular with the avid Twitter users in ISIS. And when the AP runs a story about his presumed jihadist sympathies, Stefan goes viral. Now thrust into a world inhabited by volatile wannabe-jihadist hipsters and a guilty-until-proven-guilty press, Stefan struggles to clear his name and keep his head (literally). But if Stefan can accidentally launch a #rickroll4Allah social media movement amongst his Islamist Twitter followers, perhaps he could also wield his strange new popularity for world peace and finally achieve Bono-level fame (and maybe score that date with Taylor Swift, like he always imagined).

******* FEATURED 3/30/16**********
Staff Pick 4/26/16 <3
2016 Watty Winner (in the category of New Voices)

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