Come Back to Me (The Vampire Diaries)

Come Back to Me (The Vampire Diaries)

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Evelyn Gilbert is dead. But she died a vampire.
She's currently on the other side, she thought Kol would be with her, but she was wrong, he disappeared. 

She's been alone. For six months she's wandered her old home town, everyone oblivious to her presence.

Stefan hasn't stopped grieving Evelyn's death, and she lays by him most nights even though he doesn't know it. 

Damon hasn't even drowned his sorrows in bourbon. He's devastated, more than Evelyn thought he would be. And she sits with him most days in the library and reads over his shoulder or lays with him when he passes out..

Elena is back in college with her best friends, and is dating Liam. Caroline has the hugest crush on Stefan. Bonnie and Jeremy are happy, and Jeremy is finishing Highschool still since he missed so much while being dead.

Then travelers came, and are causing all this trouble for everyone. They want to take over Mystic Falls, but Bonnie isn't having it. 
Her being a new anchor and losing her powers after Silas took them and traded her for his love the original doppelgänger Amara. 

But then something dreadful happens.

And lives are lost.

The other side is obliterated.

Will Evelyn ever come back?

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