UnderCover Victoria Secret Model (UCVSM)

UnderCover Victoria Secret Model (UCVSM)

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Scarlett Moore was your average girl. Got good grades. Nice. Caring. Sassy. And Sarcastic. She, of course, was a model for Victoria Secret. But what you didn't know is that she actually is hidden in a public school. Goes by the name of Sarah. Name shouldn't sound so familiar. She is a nerdy/geeky person that is so called "bullied." Hangs out with the nerdy bad girl, Sasha, the queen of sass, Cat, and the most sarcastic person ever, Angelina.

Blake Anderson. Average bad boy. Hold up. Bad boy? You heard right. He's basically what you think a bad boy is. Wears leather. Rides motorcycles. Mean. Arrogant. Also athletic. Not a player. Hangs with the SO called bad, Justin.The king of muscles, Nathaniel. And the normal, Jake. 

These two are polar opposites. But what if they were force to do a project together? Things happen. Sparks fly everywhere. Not your typical love story. Read now! (sounds like an AD)

*Note* All characters are mine. The actors who play them however are not. Requests are now closed. Btw, I started writing this when I was 12 so don't blame me for all the mistakes and cringe worthy writing.

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CresentFeather CresentFeather Sep 03, 2017
Bish redo you're math he's only a year older if shes 17 and he's 18 unless he's about to turn 19
Ha, all the anime watchers, manga readers and people who speak/learning Japanese all know whats up😂
wh3ninr0me wh3ninr0me Nov 27, 2017
Palease you have kol I have Klaus you have nate I have jomo haha
DolphinPrincess98 DolphinPrincess98 Sep 25, 2016
Me: Long dark burgundy red hair with hazel eyes and is popular but doesn't bully the nerds and likes everyone in the school she wears Dresses, crop tops, shorts, skirts, jeans, t-shirts well anything except leather unless it's a leather jacket with fur
aalliyahgorden12 aalliyahgorden12 Sep 01, 2016
Nice choices although I think the prettiest should be the undercover model
ariejhell ariejhell Jun 03, 2016
i do and the character could have dirty blond hair with green eyes and in the nerd group and could where t-shirts and tank tops  with jens and shorts