Fear the Song of  the Black Raven (girlxgirl)

Fear the Song of the Black Raven (girlxgirl)

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Jessika By PandoraAthena Updated Jun 27, 2016

Luna grew up with human parents who never understood her nor did they know how she ended up as a lycan. She set out to search for a pack to join, a pack to call her own. Follow her on her adventures with her new packmates Akiko, Beka, Mariah, and Joey as they find their mates and worst enemies.

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cnt_understand cnt_understand Jun 05, 2014
Please continue i love it...Also it says u updated, but on ma phone it has 5 parts instead of 6, just a little confused about that..??
PandoraAthena PandoraAthena May 25, 2012
@Kusano Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the little feedback I get :) it literally squealed and was grinning wider than the Cheshire Cat when I got the notifications that you commented on my story :D
PandoraAthena PandoraAthena Jan 24, 2012
@IgniteMyHeart Awwwwwww thank you so much!! I love using imagery in my stories so anyone who reads them will hopefully get a good idea of what the characters look like through my eyes :) I've been told I have a way with words :)
TurningPages TurningPages Jan 24, 2012
Just wow!  This is amazing, seriously! I can't believe another author - with such raw talent! - liked my story. For me personally, how you described them was so eloquently written and the three wolves were so vivid inside my mind. Keep up this amazing work ^_^
PandoraAthena PandoraAthena Sep 29, 2011
Sorry guys, bear with me. I had to make a few changes because I realized I never stated how I knew Mariah's name! >.< It should be done now though! ^-^ so again please comment, vote, and fan!!! :D <3
PandoraAthena PandoraAthena Sep 29, 2011
@AmoreAthena Patience my love, there will be more to come :)