A Monstrous Beauty(COMPLETED)

A Monstrous Beauty(COMPLETED)

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Na'harie Boudreaux already new what her life was set out to be. Being the daughter of a legendary and ruthless crime boss, she already knew how her life would be, well into her teens.

Be obedient.
Be married off...
And, with her luck, hope that her husband would be good to her..

Na'harie didn't want this type of life. Yet, with being trained to be obedient trophy wife, voicing her opinions would be futile.

Na'harie is scared...

And if you should be scared along with her...

Okay, so guys, most of my stories are Mature. Mainly because I'm an adult so I'm gonna discuss adult things, but that doesn't mean that you can't still read most of my stories. In order to read the mature chapters( incase you choose to, I am not forcing you to), you'll have to follow me.

Also, some of these chapters will most likely have triggers, I don't know beforehand, as I am writing as I go. I am not responsible for what any of you choose to read. Thank you.


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I bet it's two inches anyways that girl even is with you is for your money
xXToxicAngelXxD xXToxicAngelXxD Nov 24, 2016
Wow. I read one chap of the sequel cause i didn't know it was a sequel at first. They seemed so loving bruh then I come here and Justin is completely different lmao. I woulda been like, Okay? Bye. & I probably just wrote my death wish right there
Mysstery306 Mysstery306 Nov 16, 2016
5th time rereading this book. It's still as dope as the first time I read it.