Separate Halves

Separate Halves

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Crystal Do By cuddles2405 Updated Apr 30, 2016

2 years. It has been two years since I've lost my freedom, since I've felt happiness. My life the past two years have been hell. Actually, I think hell is lightly describing it. I don't think satan would be this cruel. I'm still holding my grudge against Sasuke for dragging me here with him. I mean, he doesn't even pay any attention to me anymore. Well, at least Kabuto kept me company, he's actually not that bad. Orochimaru though, he's another story. 

I've been trying to escape this hell hole for the past few months now, but failed each time. I swear that snake is stalking me. But, this time, I will be free once more.

The Leaf has changed so much, everyone changed as well. Guess everyone grows up some time, I'm just sad that I won't be able to go through the rest of my life with Sasuke by my side.

Sorry for the crappy summary thingy I am bad at these things >.<

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- - Jul 01, 2017
Mfantasy7 Mfantasy7 May 29, 2017
See. This is why I love Itachi and despise, loath, stongly dislike, abhor, hate etc. Sasuke (though pre-massacre Sasuke was adorable...such a shame he became like that...).
Mfantasy7 Mfantasy7 May 29, 2017
I don't think that's childish. He deserves it. If it were me I would have done much worse to the heartless bastard who is unfortunately related to me.
shadow-puppy shadow-puppy Feb 21, 2016
Eeee im super happy your continuing and im looking forward to seeing what happens next~ will sasuke care shes gone? And why is itachi so friendly with tsuki now?? :3
_MotionLess_Min_214 _MotionLess_Min_214 Dec 30, 2016
I know how to make a cover plz reply so I have premission to make one
pappy212 pappy212 Oct 23, 2016
Then just build Chakra under your feet  and jump over the gate!!!!!